Church of Jesus Christ

Today i had a interesting (and kind of disturbing) meeting with two guys. I was on my way to rent a dvd. It was raining and i was in a hurry, and like alwaýs when i walk, im totally in my own world. Anyway…i see this two guys on bikes, and they stop in front of me. I noticed a name tag on his  jacket that said “church of jesus christ” One of them  asks me (in swedish but with an american accent:

“Hey, can i just ask you one question? What do you know about Jesus Christ”?

(I thought to myself: oh come one…its raining and you idiots are stoping people to ask about christ, but i didn´t want to be rude…)

“well….i dont really know. Maybe he was a wise man. And probably very misinterpret…

” Yes he was a wise man” the guy says” “but he guids us to the right path and helps us from the bad things”

“And what is the “right path, according to you”? i asked.

“According to jesus it is, to leave the bad things in youre life, and join him”

” Aha okej…Well, im gay so i suppose im not welcome to youre church…right? (he looked at me like i was possessed by satan)

“We are all children of God, and we can help you with that” I started laughing and said:

“God wanted me to be Homosexual, so i could be stopped by ignorant people like you on a rainy day like this, and tell you that God has made me for what it wanted me to be, and that god gave me the biggest gift of all: to be homosexual”. Take care.”

I felt sorry for them. Poor souls.


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