They all have a meaning and role in you´re life

People come into your life for a reason. They are there either for a period or for the rest of your life. Once you understand the reason, you will also understand how to be with that person. When someone comes into your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed (not verbally expressed ..) They are there to provide you with guidance and support and to expand the road that is meant for you since you were born and that you will follow through life. They come to help you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes it can seem as though they are sent from heaven, as they are! There are also reverse. You enter in someone’s life to fill all these functions too!

They are there, because you need them and you are there because they need you. So, suddenly, then the person (without doing something wrong and at a inappropriate time …) to say something or do something that makes your “relationship” end. They can “leave” you for various reasons. Sometimes they provoke you and force you to take decisions. What is essential here, Is that your needs are met, you’re desire fulfilled (or they go their way towards the completion of) and then their work is done. The desire and prayer you sent up has been heard and it is then time to move on.. Even if you really do not want to move on, you have to. I think we are pretty sure if someone is “meant” for us, or meant to be in your life as long as you live. Otherwise, we let them go.

Some people come into your life for a while, and it is because it is your turn to share, grow or “teach” what you’ve been through. Some comes along you’re way, to only to give you an experience of peace or just to make you laugh. Maybe they teach or show something you have not experienced before? Usually most of them give us great joy … so enjoy and believe in it! It is probably true, if only for a period. LIFETIME relationships / situations will give you life-long lesson; you grow together, with each other and from each other. I think your job (and mine …) is to accept the “lessons” and to love the person for what she/he is and even if this they not only gives you joy and laughter you should be there  for each other. Use what you’ve learned from other relationships, experience and field of your wonderful life.

I want to thank those in my life now, you all fill an important role and without you, I would not be shaped into the person I am today. And I welcome all the new wonderful, beautiful people in my future life. I look forward to learn from you.


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