Exposed in trust

I have exposed myself to you.

There are no games being played, no hidden agenda to complete, no secrets to hide, nothing to consider too embarrassing to share, and no inhibitions to work on. I have disrobed every thought in inimacy with you. There are no goals that you have not heard, no pains that you have not soothed, and no shame that you have not absolved. You I trust.

I stand naked before you.

There is nothing to conceal your scrutiny. Not pride, excuses, lies having learned trust from you. I no longer need the covering each carries. I stand naked before you in plain pure truth. Being honest and open in expressions that have never been shared.

Vunerable to your every opinion.

Waiting for the abuse, the exploitation, the degradation, and the pain it brings like a cold wind on bare body, burning and bitter together. Instead you chose to clothe me with undergarments of tolerance, a slip of acceptance, a blouse of empathy, a skirt of compassion, a sweater of affection, and a overcoat of love until I am warm and naked no longer.

I stand before you with an offering of my heart knowing that now I can trust.

(by Adrian Owens)


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