God´s angel sinned

I was reading and writing a paper on Free will and in the book it was alot of different thougts about what free will really is. And i was thinking of God and at a classical poem by John Milton, Paradise Lost. Milton describes the angels debating how some of them could have sinned on their own free wills given that God had made them intelligent and happy. Why would they have done it? And why where they responsible for it rather than God, since God had made them the way they where and had complete forknowledge?

It seems like they could have freely chosen to serve God ore reject God.  God had the complete forknowledge about what they where going to do. The same applies this time to humans. All human actions and choices are from god, given to us according to the biggest religions. But if God did in fact foreordian or forknow all human choices and actions then no one could have chosen ore acted differently. How then could humans be free and responsible for theire actions in a sense that would justify divine rewards and punishments? Doesnt that make God responsibly for all the good and bad deeds, and responsible for evilness go back to God? And still we think that God is All good?

Amen to ignorance…?


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