The outsiders problematize the norms


To be normcritical

To be someone who is critcial of the existing norms is to be normcritical. These norms that exist everywhere  and all the time creates outsiders. The outsiders in turn are the ones who problematize the norms instead of the people breaking them. And for you that have not heard the concept/idea normcritic (it’s a secret they keep well hiding, they make you think that everything is supposed to be like it is, and no one is supposed to question it ho oh ho), the concept comes from the Queer theory, which questions the ”normal” and makes it possible for us to make a critical view on the society. It does not claim that minorites shall ore should adjust to get accepteance from ”the majority”.  ”the” normcritic tells us (aswell) what benefits the majority holds (that the minority does not have, that they disposses of).

It’s in the end a question about power and to be able to see your own role and position in the mountain of expectaions, laws, rules and cultures who creates our society. These are important not only in ”equality” projects and work, but also accurate and crucial to have in eduactions, and that, beacuse and to assure the quality of the education. To create and form free individuals who does not take everything for granted.

How normcritic can work in the society can be illustrated by this example;

If you understand that it is a bad idea to design a house that has spiral (loop) stairs, then you dont have to rebuild the house the day a person who sits in a wheelchair needs to get out and inside of it.

The vision (the goal) is to enlighten and to make us aware of how we exclude others, how we define others as outsiders, and hopefully with this knowledge we stop doing it. In a society like this (a normcritical society)homophobia, transfobia etc. would not exist. But it is to much to say would not exist beacuse a total normfree society is impossible to have now, for now it us a Utopia. I hope in the future this is reality (and we are the creators of the future, the society is US) But at least, what we can make for us  now (and to help the next generation) is to start being normcritical.

If you live in a society/environment/surrounding that is not even near to be normcritical (ore having a queerperspecti), then you yourself can start by being it. Once we start to change our thoughs, mind, expectations then others follows us. They see that the world is not black and white. To take a small step can be a huge step for the whole humanity. Like the man on the moon said (Neil armstrong)  ” “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Even though i would more say ” That´s one small step for a human being, one giant leap for…womenkind? Hahaha! End of lesson number one 😀



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