Gender and Books.

Some years ago a novel came out  called Dirty Weekend (I think it’s called Dirty week?). The novel is about a woman who wakes up one morning and knew she  had enough of everything. She had enough of the  creepy stalker who looks through her window every night,  she was sick of getting calls in the middle of the night by this man where he described what he would do with her if he got hold of her. She simply had enough of being threatened and persecuted. The character in the book (the woman) argues that as a woman (as a human being) you are either the lamb or the butcher, murderer or victim. So she takes the matters into her own hands and plans a bloody revenge for “a fucking weekend”. This book created enormous reactions and created feelings of disgust from the male public. The author was called insane, deranged, and a man described the book as a sick, ridiculous fantasy that should not be taken seriously. So, a female author writing fiction about a woman who killed a handful of men gets the male critics furios. They saw red. At the same time, this same genre (thriller) is the genre that sells millions and millions of books every year. Every day a new book comes out where murder, unsolved crimes etc are making us read. I work in a bookstore so I know what sells the most and there are also statistics. Millions of books are written each year with exactly the same theme. The only difference is that men kill women. A man (or men) killing women sells. Women killing men is considered to be “sick and creepy”. Think about it …Just think about it.




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