It has really been a long time since I wrote here, for many reasons. The main one is that I just could not find time to write anything. Part of my everyday job is writing, writing writing. So I suppose, I got tired of writing. Or, i forgot how wonderful it feels to write, but only the kind of writing that you choose yourself. Enough about that now.

So, it is february, 2014 and so many things has happened during 2013. I will not write so much today, since it it pretty hard to try to cover a whole year in one blogpost. It has been a a crazy year, filled witch challenges, both professionally and private. Every day is a challenge, but a challenge that makes me grow as a person.

long time (seems like) has passed since I moved to Kosovo to work with Human Rights (more specific, LGBT rights). The organization has developed in so many ways. I am deeply proud, first and most of my partner who had the strength and the courage to work with this organization for over 10 years, and also for her activist heart that has influenced me. Every day I see challenges, that I did not face in Sweden where life was quite easy, secure, ordinary and many times (oh so often) boring. It is the reverse here in Kosovo. Things are happening so fast, in all aspects. Life is dynamic and many times stressful. There has been moments where I have almost had a breakdown, hit the wall. But I got lifted up, first from my partner, but also from my new friends here. Friends that challenges society every day, just by being who they are. I must admit, that i deeply miss Sweden, my friends (very much) and all my things: my apartment, my books, my bike, the nature of Sweden )and all those things people take for granted once they have them available and close. But at the same time, I know that the time will come when I move back, and I will look back at this time in Kosovo with a smile on my face and a heart filled with love and laughter. It is amazing, it is just wonderful.

But enough about that now. It is february, and thank god it is short, cause soon it is march, and before we know it, the sun shines and I can wear shorts and get a tan. Look normal, and not way to pale.In three weeks I will go to Slovenia for a whole week. I am SO looking forward!

So, my day today has been like this: I have a terrible cold. Went out to have a macchiato with my friends, to then go and protest against some evil dude that is not appropriate as a professor at the University of Pristina (don’t have the nerves to go into more details). But there was no protests today, it is tomorrow. So, I, of course want to get rid of this evil dude. So I have contributed to society, and most important, the brilliant students of Pristina deserves all the rights possible. Being a student, with so much limited resources as they have, is hard. And it is even harder, when an asshole is corrupted, uneducated idiot with a post he got trough having the right contacts and friends. So, let´s see what happens tomorrow.

Now I will just rest, so I can go back to work tomorrow. It is going to be some very busy months ahead.


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